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Digital X-rays

Dr. Richard Goldin offers the advanced technology of digital dental x-rays for patients that need to replace adult teeth and want information on dental implant cost in Manassas, VA. Digital x-rays are one of the many advanced technological techniques used by Dr. Goldin to provide optimum treatment for his patients.

Digital dental x-rays reduce the amount of radiation up to 90 percent when compared with traditional dental x-rays. While traditional dental x-rays typically have a very low radiation level, patients with certain medical conditions or concerns about radiation can feel assured that with digital x-rays, even less radiation will be used to evaluate their dental health.

In order to replace adult teeth, Dr. Goldin will need to thoroughly evaluate your dental health. The condition of surrounding teeth and bone are an important consideration when determining the right treatment plan for you. Digital x-rays are easily displayed on a computer screen and specific areas can be zoomed in on for a closer look. The ability to easily compare previous digital x-rays enables Dr. Goldin to detect problems that are advancing quickly and need immediate attention.

In order to take digital x-rays, a sensor is inserted into your mouth to capture images of your teeth and bone structure. The image is then projected onto a computer screen, requiring no waiting for the x-rays to process and develop.

Digital x-rays offer high quality images that can be adjusted for easily detecting small cavities or fractures that may not be apparent on traditional dental x-rays. Sharing results with participating dentists and laboratories involved in your effort to replace adult teeth is made easy with digital x-rays.

In an effort to replace adult teeth, Dr. Goldin has accumulated years of experience in advanced dental techniques. To find out more about the dental implant cost in Manassas, VA, call to schedule your appointment for a complete evaluation and find out the treatment plan options that are available to replace adult teeth.

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