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Bone Grafting in Manassas, VA

Dr. Richard Goldin can provide a dental implant consultation in Manassas, VA for adults with missing teeth. If teeth have been missing for a long period of time, the bone often deteriorates leaving minimal bone for an implant to be placed. With advanced periodontal disease, bone loss is also very common. For patients that have experienced significant bone loss, bone grafting may be necessary prior to placing an implant.

Bone grafting replaces or augments the areas where the bone has deteriorated. There are several types of bone grafting procedures: autogenous, allograft, and xenograft. Dr. Goldin, an experienced periodontist, can determine which type would be best for your needs if it is determined that bone grafting is necessary.

Autogenous grafts use bone from the patient and transplant it to the area being restored. The chance of rejection and infection is lower using this method since it comes directly from the patient. The active cellular material in the transplanted bone begins to fuse with the bone where it has been placed as it heals.

Allografts do not use the patient’s own bone, but human bone that is usually sourced from cadavers. Allograft bone material is carefully screened before use and is considered a safe alternative to autogenous grafts. Ample bone can be attained without the second surgical site needed when harvesting bone from the patient.

Xenografts are similar to allografts in that they do not require a second surgical site on the patient for harvesting, and that ample bone can be acquired for the bone graft procedure. Xenografts come from non-human sources, usually bovine (cow) bone.

Local anesthetic is used to numb the areas being treated. An incision is made to expose the area being treated. Many times the grafted area will be anchored with small, titanium screws. Your own bone marrow and bone grafting material may also be used around the bone graft to ensure proper healing. The next step will be suturing the tissue back into place.

Antibiotics and pain medication will usually be prescribed after the procedure. A soft, healthy diet is recommended during the initial healing period. Full healing can take up to six to nine months before implants can be placed.

Adults with missing teeth can schedule a dental implant consultation in Manassas, VA with Dr. Goldin who will provide treatment options for tooth replacement.

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