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Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Functional) in Manassas, VA

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery involves many techniques to restore the damage caused by periodontal (gum) disease. One of the symptoms of periodontal disease is receding gums. Receding gums allow the bacteria that cause periodontal disease to grow beneath the gum line, causing damage to the tissue and bone structures supporting the teeth. This damage can eventually lead to tooth loss if not treated. Dr. Richard Goldin provides periodontal surgery for patients in Manassas, VA.

The damage caused by periodontal disease not only affects a patient’s appearance, it can also cause loss of function. Bone damage can cause teeth to become loose, shift, and lead to the loss of the tooth. Missing, loose, and shifted teeth throw off the natural alignment of your bite affecting your ability to chew properly. Chewing is the first stage in digestion. Without the ability to chew properly, many patients are unable to gain adequate nutrition for their overall health.

Replacing missing teeth with implants and rebuilding bone density with bone grafts are two techniques used in periodontal surgery to help restore function. Sometimes bone grafts are used to help retain teeth that have been affected by periodontal disease. In other cases, bone grafts are used to build up the bone so that an implant can be placed to replace missing teeth. Along with restoring function, periodontal surgery can sometimes reverse the damage periodontal disease has caused.

Gum grafting can be used for receding gums to improve appearance and also improve function. Through gum grafting, Dr. Goldin can repair gum tissue that has been damaged due to periodontal disease or other factors.

A healthy and attractive smile can be a huge boost to your self-confidence and makes a good first impression with those you meet. If you are suffering from receding gums and want to know more about periodontal surgery, call Dr. Goldin today for an evaluation and treatment plan options for improving your smile and restoring the function of your bite.

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