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Osseous Surgery in Manassas, VA

Dr. Richard Goldin offers osseous (bone) surgery for gum disease treatment in Manassas, VA. Once periodontal (gum) disease has reached the advanced stages, patients will experience deep pocketing between the gum tissue and teeth, bone loss, and uneven bone structure. At this stage bacteria, plaque, and calculus can build up on the roots of the teeth accelerating the damage to the supporting tissue and bone. For severe damage from periodontal disease, osseous surgery or gum disease treatment in Manassas, VA may be necessary to avoid tooth loss.

Osseous surgery is performed using a local anesthetic to numb the area. Dr. Goldin will then make incisions and pull back the tissue around the infected area. This is sometimes referred to as “flap surgery.” The flap of gum tissue is lifted away from the tooth and bone to allow access to the infected and damaged areas.

Once the damaged area is exposed, any plaque or tartar buildup on the tooth is cleaned away. Then the bone is smoothed and sculpted to ensure proper healing. Any rough surfaces or pockets will be a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease, so these will be removed or smoothed out before putting the tissue back into place.

After treating the underlying damage, Dr. Goldin will trim the tissue flap for ideal healing and suture it into place. Pain medication may be prescribed after the procedure. In some cases you will need to return to the office in six to ten days to have the sutures removed. In other cases, a type of suture that dissolves can be used.

A follow up appointment is scheduled for about a month after surgery to be sure that the area is healing properly. Many patients experience sensitivity to hot and cold after their surgery due to the tissue being trimmed back. Dr. Goldin will recommend what steps you can take to lessen these symptoms.

For patients who may need gum surgery in Manassas, VA, Dr. Goldin, an experienced periodontist, is the place to start. With a thorough evaluation, he can determine which gum disease treatment is best for your case.

Early detection and treatment are very important with periodontal disease. Call today and schedule your evaluation with Dr. Goldin to learn about treatment plan options for gum disease treatment in Manassas, VA.

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