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Fix Missing Teeth in Manassas, VA

Dental Implants vs. Dentures in Manassas, VAMany adults with missing teeth have opted for dental implants as a tooth replacement treatment. While there are many options to replace missing teeth, implants are the closest to your natural teeth. Dr. Richard Goldin, an experienced periodontist, offers dental implants for Manassas, VA and the surrounding areas.

There are several options available for replacing a single tooth, which are a removable partial denture, a fixed bridge, or an implant. A removable partial usually has one or more clasps that attach to adjacent teeth. The clasps can add stress to and wear down the adjacent teeth. The removable appliance also tends to be somewhat loose at times, requiring adhesives to keep it in place.

A fixed bridge is another alternative for replacing a single missing tooth. While this is considered to be a better and more permanent solution than a removable partial, it requires drilling down the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth will be ground down and used to anchor the fixed bridge.

A dental implant is the closest to your natural tooth. The implant itself acts like the root of the tooth helping to maintain the surrounding bone structure. Your new tooth will be attached to the implant and not harm the surrounding teeth.

Partial dentures and fixed bridges can also be options for replacing multiple missing teeth. But as with single tooth replacement, dental implants provide the most permanent and natural replacement option.

Dental implants can be used to support dentures for patients that are missing all of their teeth. There are several types of implants used to support dentures. The implants help stimulate the bone and discourage bone deterioration. With the support of implants, patients do not experience the looseness and slipping usually associated with traditional dentures.

Adults with missing teeth who would like to learn more about dental implants for Manassas, VA should schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldin. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Goldin will provide treatment options for replacing your missing teeth. You can be well on your way to the attractive, healthy smile that you deserve.

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