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Benefits of Dental Implants in Manassas, VA

Single Missing Tooth in Manassas, VA

Are you unhappy with your smile? If you are missing teeth and want to improve your smile, Dr. Richard Goldin, a periodontist who provides dental implants for Manassas, VA, can help you determine if dental implants are right for you.

Patients that are unhappy with their smile have many options to replace missing teeth. Bridge
s, partial dentures and full dentures have been used for years to make replacements. With the progression of dental implant technology, more and more patients are opting for dental implant treatment instead.

Dental implants offer a number of advantages over other missing teeth treatments. Implants have the appearance of natural teeth while providing the same functions. The implant acts similar to the natural root of the tooth, preserving the bone structure that can deteriorate with the use of partial or full dentures.

Dentures can become loose, causing speaking and eating properly to become difficult. With the stability of implants, patients are able to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. The bone support that implants provide also helps to eliminate the sunken appearance that often accompanies missing teeth or the wearing of traditional dentures. This sunken appearance can leave patients unhappy with their smile and overall appearance.

Many patients that have been wearing an appliance or have been missing teeth for a long period of time will have lost bone density. Dr. Goldin can provide bone grafting to strengthen and build up the bone enough to support an implant. If you have gum disease, treatment may be necessary before beginning dental implants as this condition can affect the success rate of implants.

If you are missing teeth and are unhappy with your smile, call Dr. Goldin, a periodontist who provides dental implants for Manassas, VA. He will perform an evaluation and discuss treatment plan options to replace your missing teeth.

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