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Loose Teeth

Patients experience tooth loss for a number of reasons. Tooth loss can be the result of injury, deep decay, or gum disease (periodontal disease). Dr. Richard Goldin provides gum disease treatment for Manassas, VA. Early treatment can help avoid loose teeth and tooth loss.

It is important to fix missing teeth, as many problems can be caused by only one missing tooth which can throw off the alignment of your bite or occlusion. This misalignment causes the surrounding teeth to shift, become loose, and create pockets in which the bacteria promoting periodontal disease can take over. Periodontal disease destroys the supporting tissue and bone causing further tooth loss.

If you have noticed loose or shifting teeth, it is imperative for you to schedule an appointment to discuss an action plan for gum disease treatment to avoid further tooth loss and replace any missing teeth. Many times loose teeth are the result of missing adjacent teeth or advanced periodontal disease, which causes a deterioration of the supporting gums and bone.

Improperly aligned teeth can affect your ability to chew. Your diet can be greatly affected, as missing teeth or having no teeth makes chewing many foods difficult. Chewing is the first stage in digestion and your teeth are vitally important to meeting your nutritional needs. Diets restricted to foods that are soft and easily chewed usually provide inadequate nutrition.

Loose or missing teeth can affect your speech and appearance. The loss of teeth can cause a sunken appearance, adding years to your look. Many patients that have loose or missing teeth have difficulty pronouncing certain words or have a lisp when speaking.

Dr. Goldin offers gum disease treatment for Manassas, VA. Dr. Goldin will do a thorough evaluation and discuss treatment plan options to replace missing teeth and treat periodontal disease to prevent further tooth loss. Call today and be on your way to the healthy smile that you deserve.

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