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Tooth and Bone Loss in Manassas, VA

Gum Disease and Tooth and Bone Loss Manassas, VA

Gum recession is one of the symptoms of periodontal (gum) disease and can lead to tooth and bone loss if left untreated. Dr. Richard Goldin, a periodontist for Manassas, VA and the surrounding areas, can evaluate your gum recession and the severity of your periodontal disease. With the advancements in periodontal treatments available, further tooth and bone loss may be avoided.

If you notice gum recession, the bone and tooth structures under the gum line may already have sustained damage. You may have noticed some teeth are loose or shifting which is an indication that you already have bone loss. Missing adjacent teeth can cause shifting and loosening, as well. Advanced periodontal disease causes a deterioration of the supporting tissue and bone, and can eventually lead to bone and tooth loss.

Gum grafting is one of the techniques used for treating gum recession. Dr. Goldin can sculpt the tissue into a more natural and attractive look while sealing the pockets that periodontal disease bacteria love to thrive in.

Bone grafting can help build up areas of bone loss to save existing teeth. For areas where teeth are already missing, dental implants can often be used successfully for replacement. Bone grafts are also used prior to placing implants if there is not enough bone available to support the implant.

Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings are your best defense against gum recession and the damage that periodontal disease creates.

For patients with gum recession, it is important to get treatment as early as possible. Dr. Goldin, a periodontist for Manassas, VA, can perform a thorough evaluation and provide treatment plan options for your specific needs. Digital x-rays help Dr. Goldin determine the severity of the periodontal disease and allow him to zoom in for a closer look at damaged areas.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Goldin today and be on your way to a healthy, attractive smile.

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